Souls are eternal. Souls are trapped. Souls may change.

School Staff

Principal Tetsuro Kurushimi, the stern Principal of Asano High School. A man with a thin mustache, he cracks down on the students hard and seems to hate teenagers. He is bald.

Nurse Midori Kannon, the new School Nurse. A mysterious, beautiful woman.

Mr. Seiji Yamaguchi, a weak-willed pushover and Homeroom Teacher. Previously he’s been in willing to give in to many of the students’ ideas and suggestions, but he’s terrified of Principal Kurushimi and has become more stern as a result. Mr. Yamaguchi teaches literature and history.

Bob Crestman, English and chemistry teacher, a loud, abrasive and bearded American who keeps pet lizards. Considered the “cool” teacher by most in school, and the homeroom teacher of the parallel class. He insists on being called “Bob”.


Makoto Abe, a cheerful jokester with an unrequited crush on “Aiko”. He’s a talented pianist, which is how they met, and often holds help lessons in music. He gets teased for his feminine first name a lot, but takes it in relatively good stride, at least apparently. (Aiko’s Friend)

Mari Matsumoto, a tough girl yankee who rolls up her skirt and gets in trouble during recess. Smokes, drinks, and picks fights with people. She’s been the steady girlfriend of Kouji Ide for some time. (Aiko’s Enemy)

Kazumi Tsuyo, an athletic and obnoxious girl who makes fun of those weaker than her, especially weaker boys, and especially “Kentaro”. She’s a serious rival of Kentaro’s childhood friend, Kiyo Sugita. Kazumi leads a small posse of girls in the class, consisting of Sakura and Sayuri. (Kentaro’s Enemy)

Shouta Nagano, a very short and small otaku boy, who similarly to the protagonists, suffers bullying. He has a circle of friends, however, in the other otaku and owns a lot of trading cards thanks to his rich family. While shy, he has a well established circle of (mostly male) friends.

Erika Honda, a formerly moderately popular girl who managed to avoid attention, focusing on her interests in the school band. Unfortunately, she made the mistake of confessing her love to Sayuri, and was widely mocked and shunned for it. Her only friend right now is Makoto.

Sakura Kawasaki, one of Kazumi’s minions, the Pretty One. Sakura focuses most of her time and attention on beauty products, boys, and is athletic mostly to lose weight. Her anorexia is more or less an open secret in the school, as she performs terribly at most sports. Nevertheless, she has high status.

Sayuri Hashida, a soft-spoken an elegant girl from an old-fashioned family. She captains the Kendo club and is friends with Kazumi seemingly more out of political interest than anything else. A very serious girl, she does well in school and is Aiko’s primary rival for the best grades – unfortunately she’s also popular due to her beauty and athletic prowess.

Ikuro Uemoto, an angry young man from a troubled home. Rather than being respected for his violence, he’s largely shunned and feared and occasionally throws tantrums. Though he’s tried many sports and is physically fit, his abrasive personality means he’s a poor fit for the teams. He spends most of his time playing basketball by himself on the roof.

Akira Fuji is a rich kid whose parents don’t seem to pay him much attention. He owns a red sports car, smokes cigarettes, and just generally wastes his time, though he gets by in school. Akira is naturally admired by his classmates, and most girls have a crush on him for his cool and casual style, but he doesn’t seem to be invested beyond fooling around.

Satoru Tachibana is the smartest kid in class, or so people say about him. He reads Shakespeare and Camus in their original languages and aces all the math tests. His real interest is classical film, however, and he runs a small film club with almost nobody but him in it. A bit of an eccentric, he’s more of an outsider than directly bullied.

Other People at School

Kiyo Sugita, Kentaro’s childhood friend, a track & field athlete whose friendship with Kentaro has slowly evaporated after his accident. They used to push each other to perform better, but now have very little in common. Kiyo is still in active rivalry with Kazumi, and dislikes her behavior. (Kentaro’s Desire)

Takiko Takeuchi, the Student Council President, a seemingly spitting image of the perfect student – smart, ambitious, beautiful, and athletic. There’s hardly anyone in the school who doesn’t look up to her, but she’s especially admired by Aiko. (Aiko’s Desire)

The Brother/Sister, is Kentaro’s sibling, who is also very athletic, and in a different class. (Kentaro’s Friend)

Kouji Ide, the toughest guy in school, who’s been expelled but keeps hanging out around the class when he can get away with it, and has a small following of vandals and rebels. A genuinely dangerous young man, he’s been arrested for assault several times but never convicted. He’s dating Mari Matsumoto.

Nobuto Noda, long-haired metal musician who has a semi-successful band. Half the school admire him, the other half revile him as a rebel. He’s in the graduating year and risks expulsion for his unwillingness to adhere to rules, but he does okay in school.


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