Yamaguchi Kentaro

Bullied man of steel


Health 35
Energy Points 7
Shock value 7

Attack Combat Mastery 3
Defense Combat Mastery 3

Damage 3


Body 4
Mind 2
Soul 3

Wheelchair 1


Acrobatics: Running start 2/4
Climbing: trees 1/1
Swimming: 1/1
Math: Two train questions 1/1
Sports: Running 3/3
History 1/1
Empathy: I can relate 3/3
Visual arts: Drawing 3/3

Defect/ -9
Physical Impairment -9

Point total: 101/99
Unpsent: 2


I used to be a runner. I used to be faster than anyone else; I even won a few trophies from district competitions. …I used to be happy.
That all changed when the car came.

Haruka was taking me to the park and had her face turned towards me as she made a joke and because of that she didn’t see the car speeding towards us. I’m still unclear about what happened after that, my mind went blank and I wasn’t really thinking. I pushed Haruka away and as I did, the lower part of my body suddenly screamed in pain and then went numb. The car had sped away, and left me with broken legs and a damaged spine.

In many ways Yamaguchi Kentarou died that day, and I was all that remained. I fell into depression, my father who had supported my running since the start couldn’t bare it and left and my friends distanced themselves from me, or maybe I from them. They were nice and came and visited every day at first, then every other day, then once per week and then one day they stopped coming at all. Even Kiyo stopped coming, but that was my fault as much as hers. We had been friends and rivals since our first day at school, competing in games, climbing and especially running. We both joined the track and field club as soon as we could and pushed each other to do better. But I had lost something along with the use of my legs, courage maybe, and couldn’t see the world the way I used to. I think that’s what drove Kiyo away more so than anything. I eventually returned to school but it was a different place than what I remembered, it was scarier. I kept to myself when I could when Haruka wasn’t around and of course that drew the attention of bullies, Kazumi in particular.

Things..are bleak now, even more so since the new Principal arrived but it’s strange. Recently I’ve begun having strange dreams, dreams of me running again, faster than ever before. I thought I had stopped dreaming of that a long time ago, but somehow these dreams are different, for some reason they give me…hope.

Yamaguchi Kentaro

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