Akimoto Aiko

Overachieving vice-student council president


Health 20
Energy Points 7
Shock value 4

Attack Combat Mastery 3
Defense Combat Mastery 3

Damage 3

Initiative: 3

Stats: 90
Body: 2
Mind: 3
Soul: 4

Features: 2
Light Sleeper

Glasses(Heightened Senses: Sight) 1

Skills: 15
Administration(Scheduling) 3/3
Biological Sciences(Flora) 1/1
Domestic Arts(Cleaning) 2/2
Etiquette(Polite) 2/2
Empathy 3/3
Persuasion 2/4
Language(English) 1/1
History() 2/2
Performing Arts(Piano) 1/1
Physical Sciences(Math) 2/2
Social Sciences(Politics) 1/1
Visual Arts(Drawing) 1/1
Writing(Academic) 2/2

Defects: -7
Impaired Vision -3
Less Capable: Lying -2
Less Capable: Endurance -2
Not So Tough -2
Unappealing -1

Unspent: 0
Total: 107


Aiko was born into a happy family. Her mother always did the cooking, even though they could afford to hire a maid, because she loved making food for her family. The father, while very busy being the CEO, always found time to pamper his little girl, and to spur on his son. However, to everyone in the family, Aiko included, Aiko’s brother Kazuki was the shining star of the family. Not only did he excel athletically as well as academically, but his charismatic grace could turn any foul mood into a bright smile. His father would push him to do his best, but Kazuki was so talented that the father rarely had to push him at all.

Aiko was willful, but not the brightest, and was barely able to pass her subjects, much thanks to Kazuki for schooling her. The only thing she did well was learning the piano. This is where she met Makoto Abe. Makato was a rather unserious child, but he excelled at piano playing. His mother was a piano instructor, which is how they met, as Aiko took classes with her. They ended up taking them together, when mrs. Abe realised that the two learnt better while pushing each other.

In school Aiko was awful at planning, and spent most of her time either sleeping or drawing. As her brother was poised to start working in their father’s company, she was free to do whatever she wanted. And she wanted to draw manga. Her father was not too fond of the idea, but wanted to let his little girl do what made her happy. This desire originated because Kazuki is terrible at drawing, and thus was extremely impressed with his sister who displayed a true knack for it. It made Aiko happy seeing her brother so proud of her.

When night when Aiko was 11, there was a loud thud in the house. Everyone burst out of bed, thinking it was a burglar. It was indeed a burglar, and he had stolen, among other valuables, a locket with a miniature version of the first drawing Aiko had made, depicting the family. Kazuki had been the first to get up, and had rushed after the thief as he had escaped. The family followed. Kazuki had bought the locket as a birthday gift for Aiko’s 12th birthday.. He was desperate to get it back. The father stood out on the road trying to spot Kazuki, while the mother was trying to comfort a scared Aiko. All of a sudden a gunshot rang out. The mother was so shocked that when Aiko tried to break free, she couldn’t hold her. And father didn’t notice her until she was already passed him. In panic he yelled her to not go, and ran after her. He found her over Kazuki, crying. The burglar was no where to be seen. Kazuki was bleeding. He smiled, and whispers in Aiko’s ears: “Don’t worry, I got it back.” And in his hand, was the locket. “Be a good girl, and smile.” He said, putting his hand up to Aiko’s cheek, stopping a tear. He took the locket, and placed it in her hand, before he closed his eyes. Her mother forced her away from Kazuki’s body, as the paramedics arrived. But there was nothing that could be done. Akimoto Kazuki died at the age 17.

The family was broken. The father threw himself into his work. The mother went back to her old work as a nurse in the local hospital. Aiko stopped drawing, and and Aiko put on a fake smile, and told her parents that she was fine. They saw through it, and told that it was okey to be sad. But Aiko simply replied: “I’m okay! You don’t have to worry!” Because of this, her family became more and more distant. It was only during piano class where she expressed herself, music became her release, and Makoto the shoulder she cried on. As time passed, her family smiled less and less, as they were home. Until one day, when she brought home a math exam, with a big “100/100 A+, Good Job!” written on it. The father had looked at it, and given her a smile that she had only seen him give to Kazuki. That was when she realised what Kazuki meant… “Be a good girl,” take over after him. She threw her entire being into academia. She did try out sports as well, but completely sucked at it. She started to become more and more scarce in the piano classes with Makoto, but he remained a big source of support for her. Her father seemed less and less enthused by her good grades, so she tried harder. Until she was taking high school classes during the afternoon, in 7th grade. And when she started high school itself, she started taking college classes. In high school was when she met a person that reminded her of her brother, the student council president Takiko Takeuchi. She managed to become friends with Takiko, and even enter the student council. Takiko was everything that Kazuki had been to her, a kind soul who patted her on the head when she had done something good, and was there to scold her when she did something bad. But also was a shining example of what talent is.

Aside from Makoto and Takiko, Aiko did not have friends in school. She was too busy constantly studying. But also, as class president it was her job to check on the other students. And because of Aiko’s kind spirit, she was often taken advantage of, in the sense that some of the kids made her do their homework, and similar things. But worst was Mari Matsumoto. Aiko tried to talk to her, to try to make her come to class, but Mari wouldn’t hear it. Aiko was aware, Mari had a tendency to yell at people, and scare them, but thus far she had not been violent to anyone. But Aiko miscalculated. For some reason Aiko was the exception. Aiko tried speaking to her, just trying to see what was wrong, and Mari turned around and threw her fist into her face. Aiko was knocked out cold. When she woke up, she was in the nurse’s office. She did try to speak to Mari again, and while she is deathly afraid that she would get punched again, she would not give up on her. More often than not, she would come home with a bruise, or a black eye, and her parents would ask what happened, and she said that fell down the stairs, got hit during PE class, and so forth. They believed it, as Aiko’s body is weak, and bruise easily, she also pretty clumsy.

Her most recent problem is that new principle has bullied mr. Yamaguchi into not approving her schedule anymore. The school policy says that a student cannot study more than 100% without a teacher’s approval, and no more than 120%. Aiko had a schedule of 150%, but was taken down to 100%. She has spoken to Yamaguchi several times, as well as the head teacher. She was originally approved it, due to her scores the first year, and due to Kazuki having set up something similar when he was there, succeeding at it. But, without as much as explaining why, both have completely changed their minds. Recently, a new nurse had joined the school. Aiko was chosen to be her guide on the first day, but had not seen her more than that. Shortly before that, Aiko started having vivid nightmares of a world of fantasy, like she used to draw. Monsters and fantastical locations…

Akimoto Aiko

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